Mission Statement

KSWIFT THE LABEL is more than a clothing brand. We are more than a streetwear brand. We are a brand to inspire the people. We want to show the people you could start your own thing and it could one day be successful. We want to let the people reach new heights they thought wasn’t imaginable.

I believe the products we put out aren’t just pieces of fabric with cool designs. But a piece of fabric with a meaning & message behind it. I want to express one's feelings without saying it. I want one to feel comfortable in the clothes they are in. Our brand is a brand that speaks for the people.

What caused me to start the brand?

I was once a young youth that was a product of his environment. I was lost & had no sense of direction. I always loved to dress & look fly. But I never had the means to get the latest shoes or clothes. So I decided to save up my money to start my brand.

When you put on our products you represent a certain individual who is self-motivated and goal driven. A person who doesn’t let their situation determine them. Instead, they use their situation to their advantage.

 Made in Toronto Ontario